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If you happen to visit the farm on a Friday afternoon these days you’re going to be greeted by about 20 happy smiling young guys and gals in our space. You may even see some beautifully designed phonics cards for sale at our stall on market days.

“What’s this all about”, you say?
“Has Love in a Bowl added stationery to the farm’s many offerings?”
“Why do they have so many kids there on Fridays?”

Welcome to our brand new collab with ABC For Life and Ziyaad’s Skate School! We’re very excited to be hosting these absolute gems in our beautiful space to improve their numeracy and literacy skills.

When one of our volunteer team members visited the skate park a few weeks ago and noticed the teachers Mirette and Gaylin from ABC For Life working with Ziyaad’s skater kids in the noisy community hall, it just made sense to offer a quieter environment in which to learn. At Love in a Bowl this kind of collaboration is what we’re all about. We’re almost ready with our classroom space at the farm (just the external staircase is missing). Meanwhile we have a beautiful undercover kitchen area which now doubles as a classroom on a Friday.

The kids are also given a hot meal and are encouraged to explore the farm and green spaces after they’re done learning for the day.

ABC For Life addresses the “learning gap” plight that children from under-resourced communities experience due to various factors. This gap in education impacts the ability of the children in our wider neighbourhood to stay on top of important learning milestones all while being pushed through the school system without mastering basic skills. This has a knock-on effect leading to illiteracy and swelling school drop-out rates. Without the effective methods developed by the team at ABC For Life it would be very difficult for learners to reintegrate into the school system. They lose out completely on the chance to succeed academically and are subsequently naturally disqualified from opportunities that peers with resources qualify for.

We salute Ziyaad for his committed and passionate mentorship work with his skater kids.  We think the collaboration with ABC For Life is simply genius and we are so honoured to be able to provide these incredible kids with a safe and serene space for learning!

If you would like to support our efforts in nurturing this collaboration, we are looking to procure at least 30 lap desks to make the learning experience a little more comfortable when we move into our classroom space. Join us in playing a part in their success story! 

For more info about Ziyaad’s Skate School, check out:

For more info about ABC For Life, check out:


Youth Day Commemoration With Ziyaad’s Skate School and ABC For Life

We are not done yet! We welcomed our new collaborators and their young wards to the farm to commemorate Youth Day with us! We had the most fantastic day! 15 kids from Ziyaad’s Skate School joined us for an action packed day to mark the occasion and a whole bunch of fun was had by all!  The overall message of the day was that our youth has the future of this planet and this special space in their hands. 

We learned, we played, we danced and we fostered an awesome sense of community, sharing in the spirit and vibe of Youth Day! We started the day with some movement and mindfulness led by our talented volunteer Pralini. This set the tone for the day. Next up, Avin took everyone on a tour of the farm where we learned about composting. Down at the River’s edge we learned about Palmiet and the restoration of the river banks. The kids even walked around one of our original crop circles and spent time under the lovingly-named Story Tree!

Lunch was prepared and served with heaps full of love by the awesome volunteers team comprising James, Rae, Bonita, Naz and Miette. So yummy!

After lunch, we invited the kids to dance with groovy tunes supplied by Mike and his crew followed by prize-giving and an exciting raffle to win a funky bag, a R500 gift voucher for breakfast at The Pelican and a whopping R1500 gift voucher from Old Town Italy! It’s not easy to give away 10 pancake vouchers when there is such great energy on display never mind all of the other awesome prizes donated by our extremely generous sponsors!

Can we have a drumroll please, as we send big love to our generous sponsors:

The Pelican, Hout Bay I Old Town Italy I MLB Marketing I Ashleen Bredeveldt I Bertus Ehmke

The entire team at Love in a Bowl salutes you and says a heartfelt thank you for your generous support in making the day possible!!!