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Who We Are

We are the Community of Hout Bay. We are individuals, NGOs, restaurants, yard services, Educares, Mamas, children, parents, growers, health workers, landowners, faith centres, brokers, fishers, hikers, business owners. What holds us in common is our shared commitment to ensure the provision of healthy, locally grown food to the most vulnerable children and elderly of our Community.

The Magic of Love

We believe in the Magic of Love and we ask the hard question: Who is My Neighbour? We are Tatas and Tannies and Gogos and Grandchildren who eat from the same Table. And if one of us goes hungry we all go hungry. We are trying to learn what it means to live as One.

And we grow lots and lots of organic veggies in massive crop circles in mini farms spread throughout our community.

In 2015 Love in a Bowl was launched by Hout Bay couple, Michelle and Gordon. They started with one vegetable circle and one gardener, providing vegetable soup to one community programme each week. Those first seedlings have now grown to where we are today with 48 vegetable circles, 37 staff and interns providing beautiful organic veggies to 24 food kitchens in Hout Bay each week. In September this year we transformed into a dynamic new programme, merging into Hout Bay’s COURAGE Initiative which was

originally founded to address the extreme hunger experienced in our community during the height of COVID lockdown. We are hoping to expand to 96 veggie circles this coming year, offering employment and training to 55 Hout Bay residents, while providing solid nutrition in the form of our locally grown organic veggies to the 6,000 most vulnerable children and elderly of our community.

Thank you for joining us in this beautiful venture for the future of our beloved little town.

Community Pot

R150.00 per bag
Provides 25 meals a week

Topsoil Donation

R670 each
A R670 Donation will purchase a cubic meter of organic topsoil

Seedling Donation

R67 each
A R67 donation will purchase 100 new seedlings

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