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For the love of horses and children

Over the past two years, Hout Bay resident Zan lost her two beloved horses, Ziggy and Border. Many residents of our community well remember all the times Zan rode our streets and sidewalks, entered our properties and even buildings on the back of one of her legendary horses.

May 2nd, exactly two years and two days after the passing of Ziggy, Zan and Love In A Bowl came together to begin the process of converting her former paddock into vegetable circles for our community food programme. On this first planting (of carrot seeds of course) volunteers enjoyed carrot cake and carrot soup in honour of these two beautiful horses.

Future plantings will include turnips and potatoes. Thank you Zan for transforming the loss of your beautiful horses into this caring field of plenty on behalf of the vulnerable children in Hout Bay. May your garden flourish!