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Nathalie Larsen is an amazing plant based local Chef in Hout Bay. Last year she created a recipe for us showing us how to use every single part of every vegetable and herb we grow.

And now she and her partner Nick have created a Love in a Bowl micro green project. They are supplying us high nutritional broccoli, radish and sunflower sprouts! You can order them from us directly at info@loveinabowl.co.za or come through to the Farm Stall to check them out.

And it doesn’t end there! Last week Nathalie trained our washing/packing ladies to create a raw green curry paste, a chilly paste and a raw green Harissa. Please come and taste these products on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Farm Stall. They are just Love in the mouth and soul. It was so much fun learning. It was chaos at the Hout Bay’s Deli Shack where Nathalie led the workshop. A big shout out to Calvin for letting us use his kitchen. Please support this new Hout Bay venue… they are really working hard to make sure ethical and sustainable food sources are available in the Bay.

Next month Nathalie will create magic with a vegan mayo product and Hummus for our Farm Stall. We can’t wait! Thank you to our Fairy Nathalie and Long road to our co creation together. We love you ❤️.