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Every month we are blessed to have the energetic, loving assistance of people from Hout Bay and around the world who donate their time at the Village Farm. We couldn’t get our job done without them.

Here, in their own words:

“What I enjoy about Love In A Bowl is the actual love that is present. Not only the love for the vegetables of the farm, but also the love they have for each other. It feels like Love In A Bowl is a very big family who work together to accomplish to grow sustainable food, feed the children and elderly of Hout Bay, take care of each other and have lots of fun together.”

–Nena Vanbalen from The Netherlands

“After 20 years of owning a house in Hout Bay, with its village attitude and atmosphere, retirement and joining the swallows means I can get involved in local activities – and what better than Love in a Bowl? Gardening and growing food is good for the mind and soul, and to know so many people are benefitting from the farms, in so many ways, takes it to another level. I feel fortunate to be able to contribute in a small way, see the positive outcomes – and have fun doing it!”

–Barbara Denning from Hout Bay

“I love health, nutrition and food, and I have found that I can learn about all of these things at Love In A Bowl. I really enjoy farming and growing my own food, and I have always been someone who has helped other people. I love that I can do all of these things through Love In A Bowl. I am really enjoying my time helping out here. You will definitely see me harvesting in the fields every week! 🌾🌱”

–Dayne Wise from Hout Bay