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Football, Food and Fun: Love in a Bowl plays Camphill Village on the Hout Bay Commons.

At the end of the day, the only question that really matters is: How Did We Add Love To This World? In the mix of commerce, family, rush and tumble, the invitation is to spend our days building healthy, sustainable, beautiful communities together that leave no one behind.

Our gratitude goes out to Jeremy Elson of Hout Bay United Football Community (HBUFC) for organising a gathering between Camphill Village West Coast and Love in a Bowl. Camphill is a dynamic community working with intellectually challenged adults, offering them a life of purpose and dignity. The members live in a beautiful environment close to Malmesbury where they have created a bakery, dairy, herbal workshops and vegetable gardens that also create income.

Camphill spent the morning with us at Love in a Bowl sharing ideas of farming and nutrition and we ended the day together with a fingernail biting match of football hosted by HBUFC. We’re looking forward to a rematch and once the Camphill cows have had a good rest we look forward to providing Hout Bay with some of their beautiful cheese at our Farm Stall!