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As farmers, we understand the importance of having good seeds. Quality seeds are more resilient, more durable and ultimately lead to better quality produce. In truth, all life begins with a seed and nothing is more important than the seeds we plant at home: our children.

Teaching children about agriculture is vitally important. Not only does it help to understand where food comes from, it helps to build awareness about how everything is connected – from the weather to the land to the people that tend to it. Engaging with children in this way helps to build respect and appreciation for Mother Nature, while also learning a variety of life skills along the way.

This is exactly why Love in a Bowl has opened up our farm for school tours every Wednesday morning.

Since March, more than 200 school children from around Hout Bay have visited our community farm to learn about what we are doing. The children have the chance to explore the land, to see first-hand how vegetables are grown, to learn about the importance of nutrition, to participate in composting, and of course, to get their hands stuck in the mud! The children get to learn and play at the same time, and the interactive nature of the school tours help to bring farming to life. For many children it is the highlight of their week, and the fresh bag of vegetables they get to take back to school is an added bonus.

At the end of their tour, the children paint a small rock and leave it on the farm. Not only do these rocks remind us of the diverse beauty we have in our community, but also of how many hands – big and small – are needed to help our community grow.

Remember, it’s all about the seeds we plant.

To find out more on how to book a school tour.

Contact: valerie@loveinabowl.co.za