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Never say “no”

5 1/2 years ago Gordon and Michelle, local Hout Bay residents started growing vegetables to feed those in need. Risking sounding audacious they made a commitment to  “never say no” to anyone who was hungry in Hout Bay.

This was a bold pledge which really came from the heart. What has happened over time is that more and more people have become involved with the project.

The evolution 

The story today has evolved from the experience of COVID, the relationship with Courage and the expansion through a substantial grant is that Hout Bay has really become so committed to and aware of the need of food and nutrition in this community. The community, from all different sectors have latched onto the Love in a Bowl initiative.

The bottom line essence of Love in a Bowl is that it is a full blown Hout Bay cooperative program. There are restaurants that have committed by donating their waste for compost and even funds. The Hout Bay brewery donates all their spent grain which goes into building the compost which is fertilizing the soil for the vegetables. Landscaping companies are delivering bakkie loads of all of their clippings, which contributes to the compost. Then we have the landowners, who provide the land for free where we grow the veggies.


Eliminating hunger

Right now the story is that we are an organisation that is making sure that the 6000 most vulnerable children and elderly will have fresh veggies 5 days a week. There will be jobs and training provided to people from the community who are part of the process to gro the vegetables.


Fully organic and toxin free 

The vegetables are also grown without toxins or poisons and are super healthy and clean adding to the nutritional value being provided to the young.

It is not to be ignored that 1/3 of what is grown is sold to Hout bay families who wish to eat the same beautiful organic vegetables on their dinner table. The very same vegetables that are changing the lives of the vulnerable youth and elderly in the communities in need.

Hout Bay – one big circle of life