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Private land transformation 

Landowners are providing their extra land for the growing of vegetable circles to provide food for those in need.

In Hout Bay there are some special individuals and families, who over time have ended up with some beautiful properties with large expansive lawns, recreation areas, old orchards and paddocks for horses. Even prior to lockdown,  landowners started to think differently about their land usage. This is how Love in a Bowl has been able to do its work. Today there are so many gracious land owners in Hout Bay who have offered to transform part of their private property into vegetable  circles on behalf of the vulnerable in our community. 

Landowner vegetable circles

Some properties that have already gone through this transition:

  • An old orchard on private land has been transformed into circles
  • An established horse paddock has been transformed into circles
  • A larger paddock and grazing area for horses attached to a private home has been transformed into 9 vegetable circles
  • A part of a grape orchard has been transformed into vegetable circles allowing the owners to look out over their porch onto grape vines and vegetable circles.

What is really special about these land owner vegetable circles, is that the vegetables grown are all for the benefit of the community.
We have also recently partnered with Ikaya Letemba in Iy to use their land to grow veggie circles. They offer holistic care and family support for orphaned and vulnerable children as they face the effects of poverty, HIV & AIDS, trauma and learning difficulties.  Love in a Bowl will transform part of their land into 3 vegetable circles on behalf of their community.

So this beautiful story of land ownership and land for the community is about members of the community really viewing their assets and their homes as places that have more to offer than just extra persona; spaces, but rather to the benefit of the community.


We love these projects for the lifestyle that they encourage in our children. Not only is it healthy, but farming activities are fun for the little ones who could otherwise become involved in the darker activities surrounding them every day. We aim to find and create more spaces like this with the help of benevolent land owners and volunteers.