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Hout Bay Hunger

Our local reality is that a third of us in Hout Bay live below the Bread Line. It begs the question, Who is my neighbour? The most vulnerable members of our community are the very young and the very elderly. Love in a Bowl is devoted to ensuring these neighbours receive fresh organic veggies from our community farms
every week.

No more hunger?

Imagine the beautiful story of a town that doesn’t tolerate hunger for any of its members. We hope to be that story. Hout Bay is a collection of South Africa’s own diverse peoples, plus people from dozens of other countries around the world. With all our social challenges we are trying to build a shared future. We are all Human Beings and we are all Welcome. A heart-breaking percentage of our families go hungry, leading to malnutrition for our vulnerable young. The downstream consequences of malnutrition are severe and we are committed to interrupting those consequences with our beautiful locally grown organic veggies, ensuring all our young enter into a strong and healthy future together.

Community effort

Every week Love in a Bowl collaborates with local Mamas, Health workers, Educares, food kitchens and numerous NGOs to ensure none are left behind. We are currently providing fresh veggies to 24 food kitchens every week and we continue to expand our collective reach as we add more mini-farms throughout our community.

Our creed is to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

And, yes, we believe Love is a Vegetable.